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What is Advisors?

As you know, knowledge is the main currency of the XXI century. People want to get knowledge in the most accessible and easy to understand form, but are often faced with an archaic structure of educational programs.

We create an innovative platform for useful communication, where people exchange experiences and expertise. Here you can run your professional block, consult or create a channel available on a subscription basis. Users can 

choose interesting experts in short informative / entertaining videos, which quickly help to find the right expert in any field.

Today, millions of experts around the world sell their expertise on social networks that don't have built-in sales tools to do so. Advisors solves this problem and makes selling advice and services as easy as possible by allowing content marketing and selling services themselves in one place without the need for third-party platforms.

The unique concept significantly strengthens Advisors' position among consulting applications. By prioritizing niche areas and regular consulting in a low-competitive, high-margin target market segment, we have developed a successful promotional strategy and expect to reach approximately 240 million users in five years.

Stay tuned for more to come.