Advisors –
revolutionary platform
for useful communication, and video blogging
Now it has become easier to
serve and monetize your followers
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Advisors – revolutionary platform for useful communication, education and video blogging
Now it has become easier
to find specialists in any field
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Become one of the first users of the Advisors app as part of the closed beta testing
Consult and create content, the rest application will make for you
Use the convenient built-in payment system, set the cost of an hour of your consultations or subscription to your video content, and the tariffication of video calls within the application will automatically calculate the cost and make a payment to your card.
Consult with those you are interested in
Watch useful video content in your personal feed with a smart recommendation system, subscribe to experts or use the search tool to find a unique specialist in the desired field
Make your choice based on rating
Find the specialist you need from our extensive database of experts. Ratings, user reviews, detailed information, as well as educational certificates and personal video blogs from experts will help you make the right choice.
Communicate in live streams
Participate in private streams and channels, learn something new every day. Connect with your audience using live streams. Schedule your broadcasts, and with the help of a convenient calendar, your audience will always be aware of your scheduled broadcasts
Make your customized work schedule
The work calendar in the app helps you to plan your work. Choose a convenient time and create your individual work schedule. Thanks to the work calendar, your potential clients will be able to make an appointment for a consultation at a convenient time for you.
Become one of the first users of the Advisors app as part of the closed beta testing
Frequently Asked Questions
What does the Advisors App allow you to do?
  1. Watch useful videos, get an offer and consult / talk / learn from the author you like, according to the payment terms specified by him (billing, intervals);
  2. Contact the user instantly (if he is in Available mode) or sign up for his consultation calendar at a convenient time for both;
  3. Host any pay-on-entry webinars and advertise them in the app with targeting.
  4. Find the experts you need quickly and select the right one using the rating algorithm and friend recommendations.
  5. Subscribe to interesting authors and get paid access by subscription to videos that are closed from other users.
  6. Make money on content creation - create your own streams and videos;
Who is developing the Advisors App project?
Yurii Blank, Chief Executive Officer
Business developer with many years of experience in a wide variety of business areas, including grocery, marketing and investment consulting. Previously, he served as Executive Director of the international development project Emporium Towers. Has two marketing awards (2010, 2011). Location: Ukraine, Odessa.

Dmitry Markin, Product Manager
Marketer who has worked in both entertainment and technology companies: Cinemood, MTV Network, Walt Disney Company, Toonbox animation studio and Gameland Publishing House. Location: Russia, Moscow.

Elena Shevchuk, Chief Economic Analyzer
Economist, Researcher. For the past 20 years, she has been combining theoretical teaching at the university, writing scientific articles and practical business and management activities. She is a private consultant and analyst, participated in the development of the CEO of FLORES LLC. Location: Armenia, Yerevan.

Stanislav Novi, Chief Technical Officer
Founder of studio and fund, co-founder of (UK), (RF), (US) projects
10 years in development and internet marketing, 3 years in startups, passed several accelerators, 50+ countries. Location: Bali.

Ilya Alekseev, Chief Commercial Officer
Founder of the Dinamika company, which was involved with the entire structure in the project to conduct a crowd-investment campaign. Has experience in building sales and attracting investment to a project on the mass market. Among the cases are projects VR-Space, Unisales, Unisales school, I-Key Mediator startup platform. Location: Ukraine, Odessa.

Bogdan Rublev, Chief Marketing Director
Founder of the marketing agency. 20 years in advertising and marketing. 400+ cases have been implemented for a wide variety of clients.

Dmitry Kibalnik, Chief Business Development Officer
Who is Partners and contractors of the project?
Bondar Agency ( is a full cycle creative team, with whom we have developed all branding and Ux / Ui applications.

Zendo ( is a built team of professionals with whom we have developed an ERP system for crowdfunding. 16 years on the market, 280+ completed projects.

SBSB Law Firm ( is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market in the development of international projects, with which we have developed a legal model of the project. At the moment, SBSB Company accompanies our project as a reliable law firm.

When will the project go to market?
The first release of Advisors will be launched at the end of 2021. Before the actual development of the application, a market research was carried out and a product concept was formed. Development of the application itself will take up to six months, and the first priority is to create a working prototype.
What does the profit consist of?
Profit is formed as the difference between income and costs of activities for their implementation. The main sources of the company's income are:

1. Consultation fees - as withholding the intermediary difference of 10%
2. Payment for subscriptions to expert content ($ 2-4 / month from user)
3. Advertising of events and pages within the platform
4. Payment for Pro-accounts with extended functionality

The company's expenses are:

1. Release of new releases of the application (programming).
2. Technical support and security.
3. Server rent
4. Team (salary)
5. Advertising Advisors as an application to attract users.
6. Attraction of investments
7. Taxes.

Why is Advisors App going to be successful?
There are very few competitors in the consulting application niche. The bet on short entertaining videos adds uniqueness to the project and makes it stand out from the rest. The priority areas we have chosen are in high demand and require regular consultations - business consulting, tracking, life coaching, psychology, training …
Advisors make it as easy as possible for experts to sell their advice and services by allowing them to conduct content marketing and sell the content itself on a single platform. The selected target audience has a stable and high income.
As part of the advertising campaign, the project will also be promoted with the involvement of celebrities and bloggers.

How does the project differ from other similar projects?
New World Investments LTD has successfully passed all international banking compliance checks, legal model, technological system tests for the security of individual and financial data, for the presence of all the necessary information published on the website and confirmation of its veracity, verification of beneficiaries and their past, protection of investor rights etc. As a result of checks, VISA / MASTERCARD payment is connected to the site.
What does a strategic marketing plan include?
The promotion will be launched immediately in the United States market, selected as the largest and most developed in the field of advising. Promotion will take about 2-3 years. Having developed and approved the chosen successful strategy, the promotion to the European markets will be launched.
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